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Week 6 results – 2022 Crushing Season, Friday July 22, 2022.

Week 6 results – 2022 Crushing Season, Friday July 22, 2022.

Growers are anxious to get the 2022 season back on track as Sugar Prices for the 2022 crop are excellent and many Growers are heavily priced and are keen to reap the full benefits of increased prices and a large crop.

There is no doubt that their anxiety has moved along the supply chain with most of the Cane Harvesters making several moves to harvest any ground that will support their machinery during the week.

Harvesting Rosters and Rotations have been put aside to ensure we take advantage of every opportunity. The willingness of Growers and Harvesting Contractors to have a go and move, if necessary, contributed significantly to the Isis Mill throughput for week 6.

This week the Mill processed 52,430 tonnes of Sugarcane through the rollers during another wet weather impeded week. The CCS for the week climbed to be 12.40 units which was up 0.30 units on last weeks result of 12.10 units.

The Isis Mill has now processed a total of 210,824 tonnes of cane for the 2022 season. The year-to-date CCS is now recorded as 12.18 units. The pre-season crop forecast was 1,535,000 tonnes, which calculates to 1,324,176 tonnes or approximately 87% of the crop remaining to be harvested.

Unfortunately, just as Harvesting equipment started leaving tyre tracks in the paddocks the weather turned and rain again fell across the entire region. Rainfall registrations of 50 mms was common across the cane supply region.

At this time, we are expecting that Cane Harvesting will recommence late Tuesday July 26 or early Wednesday with the weather impacted 2022 Crushing Season at Isis Mill expected to resume shortly afterwards.

Week 5 results - 2022 Crushing Season Friday July 15, 2022

Week 5 results - 2022 Crushing Season Friday July 15, 2022

Crushing activities at Isis Mill were impacted significantly this week due to the wet weather event that occurred late in the previous week, which saw moderate rainfall across the region, mainly overnight Friday July 1 and during the day on Saturday July 2.

The Mill had ceased Crushing late on Saturday July 2 and only resumed crushing on Monday July 11. This wet weather event resulted in approximately 9 days of vital crushing time lost on this occasion. This has added significantly to the total lost time for wet weather which now has a tally of 20 days lost, which includes the 8 days lost when the 2022 crushing season at Isis Mill which was scheduled to start on June 7th was delayed due to wet weather. The 2022 crushing season at Isis Mill finally got underway on June 14.

Harvesting Contractors along with Growers were keen to get back into the paddock after this rain event but field conditions prevented some from harvesting. This eagerness is understandable when you look at the 2022 crushing plan that was formulated around a target crushing start date of June 7 with a target finish date of December 12. Which calculated to a total season length of 189 days.

Included in this calculation was a healthy allowance of 28 days for lost time mechanical and wet weather. To date we have consumed 20 days of the 28 days allowance for lost time and when you consider the latest short and long-term weather forecast this may not have been enough which will result in a later end date.

The Crop forecast of 1,535,000 tonnes has remained static to date with 1,376,609 tonnes left to process. Throughput for this week saw just 25,014 tonnes processed through the rollers at Isis Mill. The majority of the cane processed during this week came from the cane fields around Childers, Gin Gin and Bundaberg with just 7% coming from other areas.

The CCS for the week was recorded as 12.10 units which is a good result given the impacts that wet weather has on the CCS. Coincidently the year-to-date figure is now also recorded as 12.10 units.

Week 4 results – 2022 Crushing Season, Friday July 8th, 2022.

The 4th week of the 2022 crushing season has almost been a complete washout as widespread moderate rainfall fell from late in the day on Friday July 1st.

Field conditions which had only just begun to dry out after the late May early June rainfall event quickly turned to mud and machinery ground to a halt late on Friday.

This weather event which also saw some record cold days where the mercury didn’t climb above 15 degrees, didn’t clear until mid-morning on Wednesday July 6th.  

Rainfall registrations varied across the Isis Mill cane supply region which stretches from the Maroochy River in the South to the Kolan River in the North with most localities receiving between 25 mms and 60 mms with the odd location faring a bit better.

The accumulated totals for this event saw 30 mms recorded at Bullyard, 44 mms at Alloway, 38 mms at Childers, 36 mms at Gin Gin, 51 mms at South Kolan, 68 mms at Magnolia, 65 mms at Little Tinana and 71 mms around the Sunshine Coast.

The Isis Mill ceased crushing around 3:00 pm on Saturday July 2nd and processed just 10,666 tonnes for week 4 of the 2022 season.  The weekly CCS was recorded as 12.07 units which saw the impacts of the rain dilute the gains of the previous week which averaged 12.27 units. The year-to-date production has reached 133,376 tonnes of cane processed with a seasonal average CCS of 12.02 units. 

Growers along with Harvesting Contractors who are expecting to Harvest 1,535,000 tonnes of cane during the 2022 season are very anxious to get back onto the paddocks as field conditions dry.

Harvesting rotations have been altered and machinery has been moved to accommodate a restart. It is expected that Harvesting will recommence late on Saturday or early on Sunday in most locations. 

The Factory at Isis Mill is expected to resume processing activities shortly afterwards.

Bruce Nash - Retirement

Retirement Bruce Nash

This week the Team at Isis Central Sugar Mill farewelled another long-term employee when Bruce Nash retired after 43 years of service to the business.